What do we do

As soon as your child is registered with the Agency and after mutual signing of the present Agreement including Appendix 1, we start looking for the best modeling opportunities for the Model. We constantly work on placing the right models to the most suitable brands we work with.

Therefore, we are agreeing with the Model in advance to ensure that we have common understanding about the successful cooperation.

Exclusive representation:

Model agrees to be exclusively represented by Hip4Kidz. It Is not allowed to (be) register(ed) with other agencies without written permission from Hip4Kidz.

Availability / Options:

Before the Model is proposed to the Client we will check your availability via the telephone, e-mail, or through our booking system.

Once you have confirmed Model availability, we will proceed with the official booking and will represent Model as an option via Hip4Kidz.

PLEASE NOTE: It is not allowed to accept or confirm Model’s availability for the same assignment via another party, i.e other agency, direct contact, social media calls etc.

In case if the Model is approached directly by the Client (brand, producer etc.), you are obliged to provide the other party with the present Agreement details, so Hip4Kidz can proceed with the assignment on the Model’s behalf.

The Model chosen for an Option is obligated to keep the availability for the assignment’s dates.
The Client starts preparing a production, arranging the stylists, casting staff, photographers (in short, the entire team).

Therefore, once you have confirmed the Model’s availability and the Client books your child, we expect you to be available.

If there is a compelling circumstance that requires you to cancel the option, this must be stated in a timely manner and by email with a valid reason.

If there are any other casting calls to which you want to respond, you can report this to Hip4Kidz.
We will then propose your child or authorize you to contact the brand directly.

On location:

  • If you are on location with your child, we apply a number of rules/ conditions.
  • There is a maximum of one companion per child unless otherwise agreed with us.
  • No contact details are allowed to be exchanged on location with our Clients, the communication with the Client goes exclusively via Hip4Kidz.
  • It is not permitted to introduce (your) other children to our clients without permission from Hip4Kidz.
  • If there are matters on location that you believe are incorrect (working hours, circumstances or other matters that make it impossible to work pleasantly), please contact us so that we can consult with the Client.

Communication with Hip4Kidz

All communication with us shall be done by email.
Exceptions are: Whatsapp, Telephone, SMS regarding castings or during shoots.

We reserve the right not to respond to messages via telephone if it does not concern the above.

Emails are answered during the office hours: Monday to Friday between 9 AM and 5 PM.

All information regarding the payments must be done by e-mail with a clear statement about the date of the shoot and the name of the model.


We only reimburse fees which were previously approved by Hip4Kidz in writing by e-mail or in order confirmation.

Expenses are only reimbursed if agreed in advance.

  • Car travel costs are, if agreed, reimbursed on the basis of € 0.19 per kilometer calculated from our known home address of the model and the location of the assignment.
  • Travel costs for public transport, if agreed, will be reimbursed on the basis of the actual costs, receipts and / or copy of the ticket must be sent to us by email.
  • Flight tickets, if agreed, are paid by us or reimbursed on the basis of actual costs. Transaction costs must be sent to us by e-mail if applicable.


We process all payments within 3 months after the shoot date. As soon as a Client pays us, we will transfer the payment to the Model.


We share the photo material with the Model, if we receive it from the Client. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. We are not responsible for retrieving the images and we will not arrange photo material for the Model, unless otherwise agreed.

Visual material / photos use

Do not post any backstage photos/ videos before the collection is released.

You can use the photos for private purposes only (also on FB or Instagram).

It is not allowed to forward/use the pictures to promote your child(ren) with other agencies.

When using the photos from our assignments (also backstage) you must include the credits of Hip4Kidz, as your agency. It is expected that you do not tag or mention any other agency’s when posting photos from the assignments of Hip4Kidz.